About Me

My name is Beatrice, I am 27 years old and I have been an environment artist for 2 years now. I studied at an art school in high school as I have always been a creative person, when the time came to choose what to do after, the option of games development seemed like the most calling one.

I have been playing videogames since I was 6 years old, anything from compelling stories to fun, engaging and social online games. I have never really kept myself bound to only one genre: I am a big fan of The Elder Scrolls, but I also love Souls games and even competitive games like League of Legends or the good old Quake.

It was therefore a natural choice for me to have a look at what game development looked like, to see if I could find somewhere I belonged. I chose a university that could show me all the sides of development, but it was when I first encountered 3D that it really clicked. I found myself completely captured by this beautiful world, a perfect mix of art and technology, somewhere that finally felt mine.

I spent all my energies, even in my free time, learning more and more about this amazing world, I remember using an entire summer holiday learning ZBrush in and out.

When I graduated, I started working as an environment artist, first a small job at a Belgian studio, then, finally, in 2022 I landed my first full time job in a game studio, a truly enriching experience that taught me just so much and pushed me even further.

Today I am open for new opportunities, I have a lot of passion, I wanna learn even more and I am ready to show by it giving my all.