Hello everyone!

I am Beatrice, I am a 3D Environment artist, here you can find my work. Hope you enjoy it!

Hello everyone! My name is Beatrice and I am an Environment Artist, mostly for games! I have been playing videogames ever since I was very small and when the time came to choose what to do for a living, I thought I would look into all the facets of game development to see if I could find something I wanted to do. It was there where I encountered 3D and it all finally clicked!

I mostly work on hand painted stylized props and environments, but I am a big fan of learning new things as often as possible, so be prepared to see 3D of any kind!

In this little space of mine I will be posting all the work I am proud of and briefly mention any challenges and newly achieved precious knowledge.

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Learn how I became an artist, and how I landed in games.

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